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The digital human civilization is being enabled by Trace Buddies. Trace BUDDY Avatar NFTs are Web 3.0 Native , real human like Avatars usable in different Metaverses on multiple chains.

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Trace is bringing a complete suite for enterprises to launch metaverse experiences related to business like internal/external gated collaboration, shopping etc.

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Shopping experience in Metaverse has promising future for both digital and phygital products. Experience Shopping stores will be available with integrated payment components for commercial transactions.

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Trace Metaverse experiences are powered with NFTs and blockchain. Blockchain bringing the Provenance for Product Genesis /Ownership Transfers , Ownership of Experiences on multiple chains.

$TRACE is the native currency of Pariz
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AU21 Capital NGC Ventures Delta Blockchain Fund Jump Trading EthDesign Capital Spark Digital Capital LD Capital Moon Rock Capital Inclusion Capital GBV BlackEdge Capital GenBlock Capital Morning Star Ventures Moon Whale Master Ventures DAO Maker OKX Ventures
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