Avatars for Metaverse


Create your personalized avatar to work, play and socialize in various metaverses. Your buddy avatar are made with standards which allows crosschain movement to allow you to enter and interact in different metaverses.

Lifestyle NFT Marketplace


Buy and sell Lifestyle Product NFTs in the BLING Marketplace. Add the very best digital lifestyle products, accessories into your digital wardrobe which can be worn on your Buddy avatar in various metaverses.

SDK For Brands to create NFTs


NDK enables brands to create new category of unique digital products which can be used to exchange product details with various web2.0 web3.0 platforms.

*Logos shown in this graphic are just for visual purposes.

OS for Metaverse & Defi


Trace Network Labs is enabling brands to explore Web 3.0 products and services using packages of SDKs bound into the core operating system.