Why Trace Network

Industry 4.0 solutions did leave few areas uncovered. Its time for Industry 5.0


Counterfeit & Invisible Merchandise


Disconnected Data Silos


Expensive & Cumbersome Cashflow Financing Options

Protocol Features

One protocol, plugging holes of existing Web2.0 digital systems.

of Trace

Trace Network makes businesses Sustainable by enabling core components like Transparency, Trust and Efficiency to achieve complete digital transformation.


Real time merchandise traceability


Fast and efficient data transfer


Smart contract enabled process provenance


Efficient working capital financing options


Real time trade settlement


Unlocking dead liquidity enabling financial mileage

Protocol Participants


Our Advantages

Trace Network is build by people from industry active in emerging tech for over two decades hence understand the need, complexity and solution for preparing businesses for new era.

50+ man years of Experience

50+ Enterprise Technology company Relationships

Global Enterprise Reach

Learned pool of Advisers

Potential Market

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